When on the market for new underwear you may be looking for style, but the key to a great start to your day lies in unparalleled comfort. You want comfort, we have bamboo. Bamigo has three types of bamboo underwear in the collection. How do these styles differ, and which is your best fit?

Paul boxer briefs

The verdict is out, and men choose our Paul boxer briefs most frequently which is why this model is available in various colour combinations. In 1925, Jacob Golomb, who founded Everlast, first designed elastic-waisted trunks that eventually evolved into the boxer short. Boxer briefs have experienced a rise in popularity during the 21st century.

This standard modern model features a longer leg and sits a bit higher on the hips. 

Mason trunks

Our Mason bamboo trunks feature a shorter leg than the Paul boxer shorts and sit somewhat lower on the hips. We used your feedback to improve the modern fit so that the leg closes more tightly around the thigh.

Clark briefs

Briefs were without a doubt the most popular undergarment of the 20th century. Younger men may find briefs somewhat old-fashioned, but they continue to uphold their status on the catwalk. They are a statement of the self-confident man making this legless model a timeless choice for today’s modern man.What's your style??

Nostalgic habit

Many men’s choice to wear a certain style of underwear is guided by youthful sentiment, as their fit was inspired during childhood by friends or family. They may not know how the other models feel. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new, you may even redefine your standard of comfort.

Factors you should consider when buying underwear

  • Length of trunks

This sounds like a minefield, but it isn’t. Basically choose the length you feel most comfortable wearing. This could be trunks that skim the top of the thigh or others that stretch six to nine inches mid thigh.

  • The right size and shape

Not every size or shape fits all, and if you think you can get away with underwear that causes you any kind of discomfort such as chafing, sweating and riding up, then you’re going to have a very uncomfortable day. There’s nothing wrong with increasing the size of your underwear if it provides more comfort.

  • Pouch not ouch

The pouch is an important aspect of men’s underwear and should not be overlooked. There are four main styles, including fly opening. This can be found on most types of boxer. Beware! The dangers of slippage are quite common with this type of opening.

For more security, the closed front pouch is a good option and flattering into the bargain and finally the last option is the contour pouch which is for the kind of guy who wants to not only get everything out up front but exaggerate it into the bargain!

  • Fabric

When choosing the fabric of your boxers, trunks or briefs, aim for comfort and cool. It’s no use wearing a stylish piece of underwear and getting prickly heat where the sun don’t shine. You also want to opt for fabric that is not only natural but also fits and supports. Oh! And you’ll want it to look good too.

  • Purpose

Sure, we understand that the purpose of your underwear is to cover your nether regions but that doesn’t mean a pair of trunks is the way to go all the time. What you need is a variety of underwear to suit every occasion. You wouldn’t wear a pair of jeans to a formal ceremony would you, so why would you wear the same trunks? Go on. Mix and match. Wear boxers in bed on a hot summer night or micro briefs for a night on the town. The choice is out there.

Boxers, Briefs or Trunks - How to choose?

Wear boxers if:

  • You prefer a looser, more airy fit
  • You like the fact they are more shorts than underwear.
  • You enjoy going commando

Wear briefs if:

  • You want to feel more secure
  • You like a tighter fit
  • You prefer the sleek triangle-shaped fit

Wear trunks if:

  • You want to combine short style with snug fit
  • You want an all-purpose type of underwear
  • You prefer a longer leg length