At Bamigo, we value the feedback from our customers. We believe that regular contact with customers is the best way to take not only our products but also our services to a higher level. Payment methods are undoubtedly a key element in this. Along with standard payment methods, we are pleased to emphasise two options: Klarna & ApplePay.


Order today and pay later

Shop at your own convenience. Not everyone has a reader, bank card or credit card on hand at all times. Order today and decide when you want to pay within the 14-day payment period at a time that suits you. Worried it’ll slip your mind? With the Klarna app, your purchases are listed clearly, and you can set reminders to ensure timely payment. 

Do you want to try the product first before payment? No problem! With Klarna, there’s no need to wait; you can order today at no additional charge.  Klarna makes shopping a breeze with added security to boot! Give it a try and experience the ease of use for yourself. 


Payment has never been easier

Another way to take your shopping experience to the next level is by using ApplePay. This is another payment method that allows you to pay online anytime, anywhere, as long as you have sufficient balance in your account. Here again, there's no need to carry a reader, bank card or credit card.

If you aren't already using ApplePay, you'll need to install the app on your iPhone, iPad, iMac or iWatch. This is done in a flash and will save you time on all of your future payments. If you wish to pay using ApplePay, simply select the option on our checkout page. Then all you need to do is pay with a smile or fingerprint.