Comfort is one of Bamigo’s most important selling points. Bamigo has taken a big step in the right direction using bamboo fabric. But in addition to the fabric, of course, there is more to the fairly wide concept of 'comfort'. For example, Bamigo also looks critically at details such as labels. A label must not be felt and it must not irritate at all. Bamigo responded to that.

Printed labels

You have just purchased a T-shirt. The first thing you do is grab scissors and remove all labels you can find from your T-shirt. You do not want the labels to irritate your skin. At Bamigo, we are nevertheless obliged to process certain information in clothing. We solve this situation by using 'printed labels'.

From idea to print

At Bamigo, the idea of printing neat prints in bamboo undergarments was developed years ago. After extensive testing, the print appeared to fade after a number of washes. Following various tests with different materials, we managed to find a suitable print that will stay in your soft bamboo clothing.

The colour of the print has been taken into account to prevent the print from shining through the fabric and thus becoming visible on the outside of the undershirt. Despite the fact that small images have been incorporated in the current label, the label is not or barely visible on the outside.

T-shirts and boxer shorts without annoying labels

At Bamigo we are constantly improving our products. Your opinion is therefore highly appreciated and always taken into consideration to offer you even better comfort.

The labels are not only printed in our T-shirts, but also in our boxer shorts. Do you also prefer underwear without annoying labels?