An item of clothing worn daily by countless men is the T-shirt. Many will recognise the struggle: a T-shirt in their usual size that is just too short and crawls up versus a T-shirt that is the right length but is far too wide. The introduction of the extra-long T-shirt offers the ultimate solution. So, what are the advantages of extra-long T-shirts?

3 to 5 centimetres of extra fabric

Our T-shirts feature an average of 3 to 5 centimetres of extra fabric, making them that extra bit longer than standard T-shirts, but with the same width. Both our undershirts and our casual T-shirts are made to offer this extra length. However, the two shirts have extra length for very different reasons.

Undershirts that stay put

An undershirt is a base layer, the layer you wear against your skin throughout the day. It needs to offer one thing above all others: comfort. There is nothing more annoying than having to pull on your undershirt constantly to keep it from crawling up or having to repeatedly tuck it back into your outerwear. With a Bamigo undershirt, you don't have to worry. The extra length keeps it exactly where you need it to be for maximum comfort.

Extra-long T-shirts as casual tops

Several trends reveal that casual T-shirts with extra length are widely worn. Extra-long T-shirts as a casual top are also very fashionable. Nothing ruins your outfit like a T-shirt that 'floats' because it's too short and wide. Aside from the fact that casual T-shirts with extra length are trending, they are also exceptionally practical. With this extra length, you can wear your outfit with confidence!

Conforms to your dimensions

Extra-long T-shirts are not only a winner for tall men, but also for men of average height with a slim build. Normally, a slim man requires a smaller size to match his build. The result is often a T-shirt that is too short. Our extra-long T-shirts offers slim men the perfect solution to suit their narrower frame and offer the right length.

Better for your lower back

When wearing a longer T-shirt, you are less likely to get a cold back. A T-shirt with sufficient length ensures that your skin and muscles are not exposed to the elements and that your lower back is less likely to suffer.

Extra-long T-shirts of the highest quality

These days, there are many extra-long T-shirts available on the market. The choice is vast, and often it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. It’s always best to start with the basics: a T-shirt that is comfortable to wear. All Bamigo T-shirts are made using super soft bamboo fibres to ensure 'next-level' comfort. Bamboo fabrics wick moisture away from the skin, making sure you feel fresh all day. It’s also important to know that the build quality is high and that the T-shirt will keep its shape. Even after washing, Bamigo T-shirts maintain their extra length. Finally, with Bamigo T-shirts, you can select from a variety of fits, necklines and colours. Which T-shirt will you go for?