Socks are an essential element of your outfit. At Bamigo, we believe that everyone deserves to wear high-quality socks. That's why we offer our best-selling socks in large sizes.

Why bamboo socks for large sizes?

Bamboo is the perfect fabric for socks. The bamboo fibres used in our sock fabric are round and soft, so the fabric feels wonderfully comfortable against the skin. Our socks are also made using the hand-linking technique, meaning that the seam at the toe is invisible, enhancing the silky-soft feel. Socks tend to wear out fastest at the toe and the heel, so Bamigo socks are reinforced in these areas. This means you benefit from the excellent comfort of bamboo socks for longer, even in larger sizes.

Excellent moisture wicking

Bamboo has another great feature: it wicks moisture away from your skin. This keeps your feet feeling fresh, dry and comfortable for longer. In contrast, socks made using other fabrics only ventilate. An additional advantage of bamboo socks is that they are antibacterial, which makes them highly effective against foot odour.

Are you looking for high-quality, silky soft socks in large sizes? Give Bamigo socks a try.

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