It can be quite difficult to look stylish at work. There are many factors that could negatively impact your look. We have listed the most common fashion mistakes that occur in the office.

1. Creases - It is important to iron the clothes you wear to work. No matter how fashionable or office-ready your clothing is, if it is creased your outfit will be compromised, which is an eternal shame. So make sure your dress shirt is ironed. People often forget to iron their undershirts or vests. However, any creases in undershirts or vests are often visible through the dress shirt. Unless you choose a skin colour or khaki undershirt or vest. These will be invisible under your shirt.

2. Undershirt - Is important to ensure that your undershirt or vest is not creased, and to note that it is inappropriate for any undergarments to be visible. What often happens is that the undershirt can be seen above the dress shirt. It is therefore wise to opt for a shallow or deep V-neck line to prevent this. Do you wear a tie? In that case you are fine wearing an undershirt with a round neck.

3. Socks and Shoes - When you wear a suit and look at yourself in the mirror, you might not notice your socks at first glance. Only when you sit down at your desk will the legs of your trousers rise up. Voila, your socks are suddenly visible. Are you in doubt about the kind of socks you should wear? Play it safe and choose the same colour as your trousers. As for your shoes, it is not done to wear worn-out shoes with your suit. To make sure the outfit works as a whole you need to wear quality shoes.

4. Accessories - Many people forget about accessorising when going to work. However, accessories are often very noticeable and can really complete your outfit. For example, you can add a belt, watch or tie. Make sure your accessories match the colour of your shoes. When picking out your tie, it is important for the colours to match the rest of your outfit. You don't have to be fully dressed in a single colour, just make sure it's not a carnival of colours.