A tie is never out-of-style. With a tie you can build professional credibility to an important meeting. Which tie actually suits you best? Unsure about wearing a tie? On which occassions is it appropriate to wear a tie? What kind of tie knot is right for you?

How to tie a tie?

The choice is yours

There’s one thing for sure. A tie gives colour and extra style when you’re wearing a suit. If you’re unsure which one matches your outfit, let a professional advise you. Because of course it is nice to get compliments about the right choice of your tie.  Choose an appropriate tie for the different occasions. Do you have a job interview or meetings with customers? Wearing a tie always gives a good impression. Also when you have a business dinner or just a party. Or are you wearing a pullover with a V-neck or just a casual jacket with a shirt and jeans? A tie goes with those looks as well.

But how to make a perfect knot? Most of the time it’s the hardest thing to do. Did you know there are at least 85 different tie knots? Our amigos give you a top 3 of the most usual ones.

- Four in hand
Do you have a short neck? Use the four in hand knot and to optically extend your neck because of the slim shape of the knot. If you have a short neck, this one is perfect for every occasion. 

- Half Windsor
This knot is a must have for everyone wearing a tie. Just a simple knot but perfect to look elegant and stylish.

- Dubbele Windsor
A knot that gives you a good looking appearance. Perfect for any time you want to impress someone.


1. Don’t start practising just two minutes before you are due to leave. But when you practise a lot, every man can become an expert.
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In the future we will discuss choosing the right colour for your tie.


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