A men's polo shirt is an indispensable and versatile addition to your wardrobe. It’s a must-have item that can be worn on many occasions. There are two types of polo shirt: the jersey polo and the pique polo. The jersey polo is very much a casual variant because of the fine and light fabric used to make it. The pique polo is made with a knitting technique known as pique, which makes for a firmer and thicker fabric, giving a more sophisticated look. The pique polo strikes the perfect balance between elegant and athletic, professional and relaxed. Read on to find out which occasions are perfect for wearing a pique polo shirt.

Polos as professional attire

The polo shirt is the perfect choice for casual business meetings. It is slightly less formal than a dress shirt, but with a polo in the right colour, paired with the right trousers, shoes and accessories, you can achieve a sophisticated, professional look. Go for subdued colours like blue, off-white or green-grey. Pair your polo with loafers, trousers and a matching belt and your business outfit is complete.

Men’s polo shirts as casual wear

Is a casual T-shirt just too plain? Would you rather go for something a little more sophisticated? A pique polo shirt is the perfect choice for a relaxed day off. Pair your polo with jeans and trainers and you're all set. Go for bold colours like green, pink and light blue to turn your outfit into a true eye-catcher.

The perfect holiday shirt

In addition to being ideal for business meetings and your free time, a polo shirt is also perfect for travelling. It’s the ultimate choice for hours spent lounging on a beach or sun terrace, and it’s equally great for a fast-paced city break. Combine it with chino shorts, lounge shorts or swimming shorts and you are guaranteed to have the right outfit wherever you go.

Bamboo polo

Would you like to combine all of the advantages of a polo shirt with style, super-soft fabric, added length and temperature regulating qualities of bamboo? Then Bamigo’s polo shirt is the best choice for you.

Our premium polo is made in pique. Both collar and body are made using this high-quality knitting technique. This ensures an exceptionally stylish look. By using no less than 70% bamboo, we ensure that our polo is wonderfully soft and feels amazing next to the skin no matter what the occasion. Our fabric remains flexible even after washing, unlike other pique polos.

A bamboo polo shirt from Bamigo is the ultimate in comfort. We’ve made sure our polo has extra length in the body, so it’s always the right length to feel comfortable, no matter what you’re doing. The Bamigo polo shirt is available in blue, dark blue, light blue, off-white, pink, rust brown, green and grey-green.