Another working week is over, and you arrive home after a great Friday afternoon happy hour. Time to lose the suit and pull on some comfortable casual wear. In general, men quickly achieve a casual look. Have you ever wondered what actually counts as casual wear? Let’s take a look.

What is casual wear, and when do you wear it?

Literally speaking, casual wear is 'leisure clothing' without strict rules and regulations. In the fashion industry and the business world, it is also simply referred to as 'casual'. Everyday clothing that you’d wear at home, to a birthday gathering, to town or on the informal work floor and in which you feel perfectly comfortable is generally a recipe for successful casual wear.

A casual look provides the perfect opportunity for men to express their personal style. Rugged, classy or understated, you wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in. With a casual look, finding the balance between comfort and your own style is essential. This style can achieve fashion and function in equal measure.

New casual T-shirts made from bamboo

The casual T-shirt is an indispensable item in every man's wardrobe. Would you sooner go for a T-shirt packed with colours and patterns, or do you prefer a ‘clean’ look? If clean is your thing, our new casual t-shirts are the perfect match. Several subtle features come together to make these T-shirts a rich whole. A hem detail on the sleeve, contrast tape in the neck for optimal comfort, a detailed embroidered logo on the chest, a subtle label along the side and stitching across the back for a perfect fit make for a simple yet distinctive T-shirt. The new composition of bamboo and organic cotton for extra strong quality makes our casual T-shirts suitable as outerwear.

What to pair them with

While our bamboo T-shirts are perfect for summer with their breathable comfort, they’re actually ideal all year round. Our new casual T-shirts look great combined with chinos, jeans or shorts and athletic or casual trainers. Depending on your style, you can also pair them with a blazer and your favourite trousers. Comfortable and simple with understated elegance, our T-shirts add that little bit extra to your outfit.

Our casual bamboo T-shirts have many features that distinguish them from other shirts. Alongside the subtle details and the unique composition of the fabric, you can expect the trademark quality and comfort you expect from Bamigo products. Excellent breathability and added length contribute to an unparalleled fit and feel. In short, you get comfort, softness and elegance all in a superior T-shirt with a relaxed fit. Which colour will you go for?