Trainer socks are a summer favourite and are also growing in popularity among men during the colder seasons. While there’s no shortage of options, many men struggle with the same issue: trainer socks that make their way down the back of the shoe after walking a few blocks.

Why do most trainer socks fall down?

Despite widespread irritation amongst consumers, sooner or later many trainer socks will end up on the wrong side of your heel. This is primarily owing to the quality of the sock and more specifically, the model and fit. A sock that doesn’t hug the contours of the foot is doomed to slip.

We also see that many brands do everything to achieve invisible trainer socks. These trainer socks are cut (too) short which considerably increases the likelihood of falling down.

Trainer socks that stay up

At Bamigo, our experts are dedicated to achieving the very best fit for each and every product. Including our trainer socks, which feature a reinforced heel and toe. This does more than help you to keep your socks on, it also prolongs the lifespan of your new favourite socks.

Perhaps surprisingly, our primary focus isn’t invested in the invisibility of the socks. Our priorities lie in creating a snug-fitting sock that stays put. Our trainer socks are designed to create a clean-cut border along the edge of your sneaker. Colour coordinate your socks and sneakers for a subtle transition - or go bold and match with your tie or dress shirt to set off your statement colour.

Non slip trainer socks in a range of colours

Bamigo’s non slip trainer socks consist of 75% bamboo. Bamboo absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton. Our comfortable bamboo trainer socks keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the day. Will you go for our black, blue, grey or white trainer socks?