Could you imagine how our amigos transform bamboo into a soft and silky T-shirt or boxers? Keep Cool! You’re not the only one who’s curious about that. Our amigos will help explain it to you.

The plant

It all starts with the bamboo plant. By the way, what about the pandas? Keep Cool! Our amigos use a different kind of bamboo so you don’t have to worry about them. Okay, can you imagine the transformation of bamboo into soft and silky T-shirts and boxers? Exactly, we couldn’t imagine that as well. But if you know that it’s only possible since 2001, it’s not that strange because we didn’t know about it either! In 2001 a couple of people from the University of Peking discovered how they can transform bamboo into clothes.

The process

During the process the bamboo fibres are made. First, the bamboo stems are crushed, made small and are chemically treated. We can hear you think, what about chemical treatment? Keep Cool! Our amigo’s do this in a closed circuit so the chemicals are not released into the environment. The composition is then pressed through nozzles, which results in a thin fibre. The thin fibres are dried and coiled and after that they are made into yarn. And from that yarn, the fabric is made. 

Fair product

The amigos at Bamigo value honest products and that’s the reason why they don’t use endangered bamboo species. Where does our bamboo come from? China. In China it’s possible to reforest bamboo plants. From China, the bamboo goes to Turkey and will be transformed into undergarments. After that, the undergarments travel to the Netherlands so they can finally reach your home.


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