There's nothing more frustrating than socks that slip down while walking, or socks that are visible above your sneaker. That's why footies that are invisible and don't slip are indispensable in your sock collection. Footies are well-known among women, but these socks are also perfect for men. No visible socks to keep you looking your best in your favourite shoes.

Footies with anti-slip heel

Many footies are cut low to ensure they are not visible in your shoes. However, a low-cut sock often means that it also slips off your heel quickly and that is exactly what you want to prevent. To ensure that the footie has the perfect fit and does not slip off the heel, a unique design has been developed. The footies feature anti-slip. This flexible strip gives the sock extra grip at the heel. A Y-shaped stitching is used at the base of the heel. This ensures that the sock follows the shape of your heel perfectly. The special band around the instep provides extra support for your foot and provides an additional guarantee that it will not slip.

Seamless feel

Thanks to the flat seams, you won't be bothered by irritating seams while wearing the footies. The bamboo textile also gives the footies an incredibly soft feel. These features coupled with the perfect cut ensure that you wear socks with premium comfort while the socks are still invisible in your sneakers!

Breathable bamboo footies

Footies are often worn in warm weather. Warm weather also means warmer feet. On such days, you want to stay fresh for as long as possible. With these bamboo footies, you will experience a fresh feeling for longer. To make sure the sock is especially breathable, we have used a special mesh structure on the instep. This provides added ventilation and brings a new dimension to the premium comfort.

In short, these are the perfect footies for men. After you experience these bamboo footie socks, you won't want anything else.

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