Are your favourite Bamigos in the wash? Keep Cool! You can never own enough underwear. Make sure you have enough in stock to stay fresh every day.


Is your Bamigo underwear your favourite thing to wear? That is not surprising. Because our underwear is silky soft and fits your body perfectly it is incredibly comfortable. Once you wear Bamigo, nothing else will do.


After your Bamigos have been worn, they will naturally end up in your dirty laundry hamper. Before you do laundry, make sure to check the washing instructions for your Bamigo product. Never wash the Bamigo underwear at a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Would you like to peruse the washing instructions? You can find them here.


The washing machine has finished and your Bamigos are sparkling clean again. We recommend drying the Bamigos on the clothes line or drying rack rather than using a tumble drier. The tumble drier can damage the fibres of the product and that would be a real shame. So you don't need a drier. Just leave them to dry naturally and then fold them.


When your Bamigos are dry again, they are ready to be worn. Naturally, you would like to prevent a day without Bamigos. Make sure you have enough in stock to stay fresh every day.

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