Everybody has heard of bamboo at some point. Bamboo is used in many different ways, such as for the production of furniture, instruments, utensils and much more. Did you know that bamboo textiles can be made from bamboo? No? Then it's about time you were introduced to bamboo clothing.

Bamboo clothing

After grinding and processing bamboo shoots, soft bamboo viscose yarns are formed. These yarns are then washed, bleached and dried before they are transformed into luxuriously soft fabric. Bamboo textiles are simply fabrics created from fibres derived from the bamboo plant.


Bamboo textiles combines with other textiles

The boxer shorts, T-shirts and socks that Bamigo makes consist primarily of bamboo, but that does not mean that no other textiles are used. These materials are fused with cotton, elastane or polyamide. When the fibres are combined, a product is created which provides the perfect durability, appearance and added comfort.

Bamboo: the textile of the future

The majority of the clothing we wear is made of cotton. So why are more and more people choosing bamboo textiles? This is because wearing bamboo clothing has many advantages. Have we piqued your curiosity? Discover everything about bamboo in our free e-book 'Bamboo: the textile of the future'.