There’s no shortage of undershirts on the market. They come with seemingly endless combinations of varying sleeve lengths, fits, colours and necklines. They’re also made from a variety of different fabrics offering a range of thicknesses.

Naturally, we all adapt our clothing to suit the weather conditions. During colder periods, we layer up with thick fabrics. When it’s warmer, we favour fewer, thinner layers. However, an extra layer doesn’t necessarily have to mean a warmer feel. A lightweight undershirt can keep you feeling fresh in warmer conditions without rasing your body temperature. Let’s find out how.

Moisture-regulating undershirts

When it’s warm, the moment you try to do anything other than laze about, sweat is sure to make an appearance. In certain situations, this can be tremendously inconvenient. To ensure that sweat doesn't remain between your skin and your clothing, or even penetrate your outer clothing, it's best to wear an undershirt.

Sweat doesn’t stand a chance with an undershirt made using a fabric that wicks away moisture before allowing it to evaporate. The lighter the garment, the faster it dries. A lightweight T-shirt as an undershirt is key!

What are lightweight T-shirts and when do you wear them?

In a nutshell, lightweight T-shirts are lighter versions of regular T-shirts. The weight of a T-shirt is expressed in the number of grams per square metre. A heavier T-shirt is not necessarily of higher quality. The quality depends entirely on the quality of the fabric used.

When outdoors in warm weather, a light, airy undershirt is much more comfortable. Even in situations where you need to be dressed for the day, such as in the workplace, regular undershirts are often too warm. Lightweight T-shirts are therefore an ideal and comfortable undershirt option.

However, your body doesn’t always need warm weather to begin to sweat. Even during cooler periods, there are plenty of opportunities to break a sweat. You may also be prone to overheating. This can occasionally conflict with your choice of winter clothing. In chilly periods, you may prefer to wear warmer clothing or layers but find that a regular undershirt is too warm. A lightweight T-shirt is the perfect solution.

What are the best lightweight T-shirts?

Lightweight T-shirts from Bamigo are lighter than regular undershirts thanks to the fine thread used and the perfect blend of workmanship and quality.

An additional advantage of our lightweight T-shirts is that they are made using bamboo. Bamboo fibres are particularly good at managing moisture. Bamboo absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton, wicking it away from your skin to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Our lightweight T-shirts also offer that extra bit of comfort you need, thanks to the incredible softness of bamboo. Our lightweight T-shirts are ideal as undershirts but can also be worn as casual tops. The only question left to answer is which neckline will best suit your style?