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Which White Men's T-Shirts Should I Buy?

Are you looking for white men's T-shirts of good quality? You have come to the right place. Bamigo offers various types of white T-shirts for men. Our white T-shirts are made of bamboo fabric, giving them several advantages.

White T-shirts to go underneath any type of outfit

Almost every man has got a few of them in the closet: basic white T-shirts. Super convenient to wear under a shirt, sweater, jacket or suit. At Bamigo you used to have the following choices for T-shirt models:

Slim Fit or Loose Fit

Of course it is still possible to choose from the T-shirts just mentioned above. Since March 2019, Bamigo has added a new model to the assortment. In addition to the slim fit undershirts, a loose fit model has been released for people who prefer a looser fitting T-shirt. They can choose from a white loose fit T-shirt with a V-neck or with a round neck.

Extra Long

You might recognize this situation: constantly pulling down your undershirt because it doesn't stay tucked into your trousers properly. When you choose Bamigo, you solve this problem for good. This is because our white T-shirts are extra long. Even after washing, the shirts remain long-fit.

Have a comfortable day

In addition to their slim fit and extra length, the Bamigo T-shirts are extremely comfortable. Bamboo fabric is already very soft in itself. Bamboo also absorbs a lot of moisture so that you stay fresh longer.

Are you looking for a high quality white men's T-shirt? Then try the bamboo T-shirts by Bamigo and experience the comfort for yourself.



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