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Women and Bamigo

Is your woman, girlfriend, mother or daughter fed up because of the fact that Bamigo doesn’t sell undergarments for women? Keep Cool! Actually women can also wear the lovely Bamigo undergarments. Are you curious about which undergarments are being worn by our female amiga’s? Keep reading.

Women and our Bamigos

A lot of people are asking when we will start undergarments for women. It doesn’t sound crazy right? Because women also like wearing soft and silkyclothes. Unfortunately we don’t have undergarments for women at the moment. But maybe we will in the future. Keep Cool! Maybe for now we have a solution for you.

Did you know?

Our female amigos, called amiga’s, are wearing the Bamigo undergarments as well. Keep Cool! Of course they don’t wear boxer shorts or briefs. Actually they wear T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and sometimes even the socks.

But when?

The question is; when do our amiga’s wear the Bamigo undergarments? They will tell you about that. Women could also wear Bamigo T-shirts under a blouse or a sweater, when they’re sitting on the couch at home or while they’re do some sporty things, but they also could use our T-shirts for pyjamas and the same goes for our long sleeve T-shirts!

And what kind of shirt?

The T-shirts with deep V-neck are popular among our amiga’s. Talking about the T-shirts, the most popular T-shirt is the Williams Deep V-neck. The benefit of that kind of T-shirt is that we have it in three different colours. And because of the deep V-neck, most of the time they aren’t visible under a blouse or a sweater. Talking about the long sleeve T-shirts, they prefer the Davis Long sleeve T-shirt.

Just compare and check for the right size. Our smallest amiga is about 70 inches. Her daily shirts are either size S or M. When she’s wearing her Bamigo, the T-shirt in size S fits the best. Fortunately our T-shirts are Slim Fit. If you order the right size, the T-shirt fits perfectly around your body.

But we don’t say all amiga’s have to wear William T-shirts and Davis long sleeve T-shirts. They could wear the Smith T-shirts, Johnson T-shirts and the Davis long sleeve T-shirts as well.  Are you in doubt because of the sizes? Our advice to all the amiga’s: if it’s possible look around for an amigo, try his Bamigo T-shirt and after that you can safely order your own!


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