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Top 5 bamboo clothing items for the winter season


It’s early in the morning when you leave the house. You head to your car, but before you can drive off, you need to scrape the ice off your windscreen. It’s that time of year again. Although winter doesn’t officially start until 21 December, these frosty mornings are already with us. Keep reading to discover our top 5 winter essentials and prepare for the cold months ahead.


Stylish, comfortable and versatile: the zip-up sweater


Some days, the weather is unpredictable. On these days, it’s best to wear an outfit with several different layers. Whether it's the middle of winter or high summer, a zip-up sweater is the perfect item for the job. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why the zip-up sweater is so versatile.


What to pair with sweatpants and sweat shorts


With the rise of the home office, sweatpants and sweat shorts have made their way into many a man's wardrobe. There was a time when sweatpants and sweat shorts were only worn when relaxing indoors or working out at the gym, but these days they’re an essential fashion item and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Read on to find out what you should combine your sweatpants or sweat shorts with for the perfect look.


The polo shirt: perfect for all occasions


A men's polo shirt is an indispensable and versatile addition to your wardrobe. It’s a must-have item that can be worn on many occasions. There are two types of polo shirt: the jersey polo and the pique polo. The jersey polo is very much a casual variant because of the fine and light fabric used to make it. The pique polo is made with a knitting technique known as pique, which makes for a firmer and thicker fabric, giving a more sophisticated look. The pique polo strikes the perfect balance between elegant and athletic, professional and relaxed. Read on to find out which occasions are perfect for wearing a pique polo shirt.


Bamboo nightwear feels like a second skin


In 2014, Bamigo chose to venture into new waters with bamboo clothing. We originally began with underwear for men. As our undergarments are worn directly against the skin, the soft bamboo fabrics we use ensure the perfect fit and unrivaled comfort. We’ve since expanded our collection to include bamboo loungewear, and bamboo nightwear has recently been developed as a key component of this range.


Treat yourself to the comfort of these super soft pyjama bottoms


Bamigo has great news for men who value comfort and who are looking for ultra-soft pyjama bottoms. As of this month, you’ll find wonderfully soft pyjama bottoms in our collection. Now that the summer is coming to an end and autumn awaits us, summer sheets are making way for thicker blankets. As the cooler nights creep in, luxurious pyjama bottoms are just what you need!


The subtle qualities that set our casual T-shirts apart


Another working week is over, and you arrive home after a great Friday afternoon happy hour. Time to lose the suit and pull on some comfortable casual wear. In general, men quickly achieve a casual look. Have you ever wondered what actually counts as casual wear? Let’s take a look.


New: long bathrobe for men


Our collection of comfortable men’s underwear now includes a luxurious bathrobe. Mornings are more relaxing than ever; evenings are deliciously warm, and weekends have never been so cosy.


Slim fit T-shirts versus loose fit T-shirts


When on the market for great new undershirts, comfort is an essential pillar. The fit of the T-shirt is one of the key factors in achieving a great feel. When should you go for a slim fit shirt and when is a loose fit the better choice?


Must haves for an athletic holiday


Spare time during your holiday? Pull on your sportswear and hit the gym or jog into the sunset. Did you know that bamboo T-shirts are the perfect workout attire?


Happy Holidays


Preparations for the upcoming holidays are in full swing. You want to spend your holidays stylishly and comfortably and then enter the new year in style. Are your outfits for the holidays complete?