post image What makes bamboo clothes so comfortably warm?
What makes bamboo clothes so comfortably warm?

Once again, it's getting cold and dark outside: high time to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the winter season - and the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of bamboo jumpers and loungewear. These ultrasoft pieces guarantee warmth and the utmost comfort. But how can a fabric that keeps you cool in the summer also keep you comfortably warm in the winter?

post image Women and Bamigo

Women and Bamigo


Is your woman, girlfriend, mother or daughter fed up because of the fact that Bamigo doesn’t sell undergarments for women? Keep Cool! Actually women can also wear the lovely Bamigo undergarments. Are you curious about which undergarments are being worn by our female amiga’s? Keep reading.

post image The transformation from bamboo into undergarments

The transformation from bamboo into undergarments


Could you imagine how our amigos transform bamboo into a soft and silky T-shirt or boxers? Keep Cool! You’re not the only one who’s curious about that. Our amigos will help explain it to you.

post image Bamigo and social media

Bamigo and social media


Our amigos are a big part of social media! It’s a daily task for them and because of that, Bamigo will be more and more out in the open. On which channels you can find us? Keep reading. You could even win some prizes!

post image Bamigo bamboo basics

Bamigo bamboo basics


Providing you with the best undergarments made from bamboo is the daily work of our amigo’s. Did you discover the term bamboo basics on our website? Are you curious why they call it that?

post image Bamigo on TV

Bamigo on TV


Hey amigo, we have some great news. Last week, since the second of August, Bamigo is shining on TV in a commercial. Did you not see this commercial yet? Keep Cool! Our amigo’s tell you how you can see it!

post image Bamigo, your hero in sunny weather!

Bamigo, your hero in sunny weather!


You are probably aware of the many advantages of bamboo. It is super soft, anti-sweat, anti-allergenic and eco-friendly. But did you know that bamboo fabric can be your hero on sunny days? Our amigos know one thing for sure: bamboo underwear by Bamigo is a must-have for your summer holiday!

post image What`s new in our wardrobe!

What`s new in our wardrobe!


A few weeks ago we asked you which new products you would like to see in our product range. Did you give your opinion? The time has finally come! We would like to thank everyone for participating - we had a great response. Thanks to your input we have decided to expand our product range with …

post image Bamigo`s super socks!

Bamigo`s super socks!


Did you know that your socks wear out the most quickly of all your wardrobe items? That's because socks have to endure the most abuse when you wear them. That means you have to keep going back to the shop to replace your socks. Our amigos think that is a waste of time. So from now on your socks will come to you!

post image Bamboo vs. cotton

Bamboo vs. cotton


Most of the clothes we wear every day are made of cotton, while cotton is actually not that environmentally friendly. Not to worry, Bamigo has the solution. We’ve pushed cotton aside for the most part and gave bamboo its well-deserved leading role. What are the exact differences between bamboo and cotton?

post image Bamigo keeps you fresh!

Bamigo keeps you fresh!


All our underwear is made from bamboo. From bamboo? You read that right! Believe it or not, it has been possible to make clothes from bamboo for the last few years. Our amigos are passionate about bamboo for many reasons. Want to know what Bamigo can do for you? Keep Cool! We will happily share this with you!