Keep Cool

Keep Cool, Bamigo

Keep Cool has a double meaning to us at Bamigo, the literal meaning is "stay dry" but the phrase also means "no worries", of course! Therefore, the slogan Keep Cool fits perfectly with both our philosophy and the undergarments. Bamigo will soon feel like a trusted friend!

Keep Cool

Why is Bamigo perspiration-resistant?

Bamigo undergarments are made of bamboo and absorb 70% more moisture than conventional textiles. Due to their ability to soak up water, the hollow fibres in bamboo render it one of fastest growing plants in the world. The small (micro) holes in the bamboo fibre evaporate perspiration up to 4 times faster than conventional fabrics, allowing you to avoid the unsightly sweat stains caused by perspiration. The result is that our T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, tank tops, singlets, boxer shorts, hipsters, briefs and socks do not cling uncomfortably to your skin when it's hot, your body stays dry and you feel and look cool. Bamboo is remarkably breathable due to the open structure of the fibers, making it cool in summer, yet warmer in winter than cotton. Bamboo: the fabric of "air clothing".

Bamigo underwear stays fresh longer

Do you live an active lifestyle, yet want to remain fresh all day? Bamboo is naturally odourless and antibacterial, keeping you as cool and crisp as a cucumber salad!


No matter how you live your life you'll always have the reassurance of knowing sweaty clothing stains are a thing of the past, Keep Cool! Bamigo has solved this problem! All products are created by Bamigo's top designers, while clothing is so artfully fashioned it will feel like a second skin. Bamigo is no fair-weather friend, it will look out for your body whatever the season! Tired of your expensive clothes being ruined by sweat stains? Order Bamigo undergarments now!  

Bamigo is the friend who offers 24/7 support, Keep Cool!

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