Privacy Policy

We think the protection of personal data is important. Let's keep it easy by explaining our policy in clear language so that we can all understand. That is, after all, how amigos talk to each other! Not a fan? You can read the  Privacy Policy Complicated here.

  1. Keep Cool! We respect your privacy and we would go through fire and water to protect it. We are not professional hoarders so we only collect details that do not show your identity. 
  2. To make sure our parcels reach your letterbox we need your address details, of course. We save these so you do not need to fill these in every time you place an order. That's what friends are for!
  3. The longer you are our amigo, the more we care about you and the better we get to know you. We would therefore love to tell you about products or services that are interesting to you. Would you prefer not to receive this information? Keep Cool! You can unsubscribe via No hard feelings!
  4. Are your details out of date? Ask one of our amigos and with your help they can update your details. 
  5. Are you under 16? Nice to hear that you would like to be one of Bamigo's amigos. Unfortunately, you cannot share your details with us without the consent of your parent or guardian. Just ask them and then it should not be a problem. They will understand that making friends is important to you. 
  6. We use cookies. No, not those kind of cookies! A cookie is a very small file with a very big memory. Cookies can remember things for you so you can deal with other things. You don't want this? Keep Cool! You do not have to accept them.
  7. We use cookies so your head will not be cluttered with information. We are happy to remember this for you. Isn't that useful? 
  8. Also something with Google Analytics and IP addresses. No idea what that means? Our amigos will review how you use our website to make it even more user friendly, which is why we remember your preferences. Especially for you, our good amigo.
  9. Of course we would love to trust everyone, but that's pretty unwise. Our amigos do their very best to protect your personal data. They use Secure Socket Layer to do this. That will probably mean little to you, but take it from us that your details are safe. But please note that if you communicate via email we cannot guarantee complete data protection.
  10. Very occasionally, but only very occasionally, we make your data available. We do this only to ensure that your product reaches your letterbox or for research to become an even better amigo to you. Keep Cool! Anyone asking for your details for marketing purposes is refused. Unless we are required to do so. But hey, we would not let it get that far! 
  11. Our amigos always have the right to modify this privacy policy. Keep Cool! We will always be careful. Good friendships are rare and we would not risk losing them.  

Do you have any burning questions about this privacy policy? Just call us at: 0044 1604 300121 or send an e-mail to: and our customer service amigos will be happy to help you. No further questions? Time to find your favourite products.


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