Terms & Conditions

We prefer to keep things plain and simple, without tedious texts. Do you prefer more detail? Keep Cool! Here we have the 

This is what we offer you:

  1. Application
  2. Agreement
  3. Prices and payment
  4. Images and descriptions
  5. Delivery
  6. Cooling-off period and returns
  7. Property
  8. Warranty and conformity 
  9. Liability 
  10. Complaints 
  11. Non-consumer sales
  12. Other conditions


Article 1.

  1. When we mention 'Bamigo', we mean here in this document and on our website. Our office is located in beautiful Eindhoven on the Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 8. The postcode is 5623 PE. By the way, Eindhoven is located in Netherlands. Would you like to talk to one of our amigos? This is our telephone number: 0044 1604 300121 or you can send an email to info@bamigo.com.
  2. These terms and conditions are only relevant if you are about to buy or have already bought something from us. So we will assume this is the case! 
  3. When you place an order with us, you agree with our terms and conditions.
  4. Would you like to have these terms and conditions on paper? We can easily post them out to you. But you can always find them on our website too.  


Article 2.

  1. As you would expect, this agreement between you and us begins when you place an order in our web shop.
  2. Have you placed an order? Then we will send you a confirmation email. Have you not received your confirmation email yet? Then there is time to change your mind. Not that you would want to!
  3. We always reserve the right to cancel orders without stating reasons. But why would we?
  4. You, the buyer, will provide us with your name, address and domicile. These need to be up-to-date, otherwise your order might not reach you, which would be a shame.

Prices and payment

Article 3.

  1. The product prices listed on the website are, to keep things nice and easy, in euros and inclusive of VAT. Plain and simple! However, all prices are subject to change. We are only human and we can make mistakes. Not on purpose, of course.
  2. We are honest. If you have already placed an order then we will not increase the price, of course. Subject to: something to do with legislative measures or if our manufacturer suddenly raises the price. Keep Cool! You would be free to cancel your order.
  3. Payment. Part of the process, unfortunately. But we can offer you safe and simple payment options. 
  4. We can always check if you have made your payment yet and decide to refuse the agreement. But that’s not likely to happen.  


Images and descriptions

Article 4.

  1. The items that you receive may vary in colour and size. However, we do try to depict our products as accurately as possible on our website.
  2. If a product varies slightly from our image or description we cannot be held responsible. Keep Cool! This won't happen to you.


Article 5.

  1. Our amigos are as careful as possible with your order and delivery. It may happen that your order arrives a little later at its final destination. One thing we know for sure: sooner or (slightly) later, it will reach your address.
  2. We send your order to the address you have given us. Do you live outside the Netherlands? Keep Cool! Your order will get there.  
  3. If you order more than one item, they may be sent to you in separate parcels.
  4. After you have placed an order we will send it to you as soon as possible. This is definitely within 30 days. No worries! It won't take as long as that. Very occasionally, we may experience some delays, but we will notify you immediately if that is the case. You may then decide to cancel your order free of charge. You might not want that, of course, so we could just agree on a new delivery date or we could give you another product instead. 
  5. If we are unable to deliver (part of) your order we will simply inform you. Then you can decide to withdraw your order at no cost. 
  6. Does point 4 or 5 affect you? We will pay you back immediately. 
  7. We are responsible for your product until it reaches your doormat.  

Cooling-off period and returns

Article 6.

  1. We like to keep things simple. You can return products to us within 365 days. 
  2. You can return anything to us with a return form, which can be found on our website. We still won't make a big fuss. You can also create your own form if you feel like it. Put it in the parcel that you are returning or email it to 
  3. Please only return items that are undamaged, clean, unwashed, and in the original packaging. Then we are able to refund the purchase price. All you have to pay are the return costs. But that's not that much, right? 
  4. We treat your products carefully, so we would like to ask you to do the same for us.
  5. Are you eligible to retrieve the purchase costs, but have the products not yet reached us? Keep Cool! Take a picture of your return slip and we will take care of it. No fuss.
  6. Chances are, and perfectly understandable it would be, that you want a different item from us. Is this item, or your payment method, more expensive than the previous order? We can send you a simple payment link to pay the remaining amount. No hard feelings.


Article 7.

  1. Once the desired items have been ordered, paid for and are underway, they are still the property of our amigos. This does not change until the products reach your destination. 


Warranty and conformity

Article 8.

  1. You have the right to a good product and we work hard to give you what you deserve! 
  2. Quality is our top priority. Is something wrong with your item? Please let us know!
  3. Do we agree with you? Keep Cool! We will replace or repair the item for you. How could we top that?
  4. If you try to repair your item yourself we will not be able to help you. So it would be better not to try, as we like to do the work for you!  



Article 9.

  1. Our amigos cannot be held liable for damages.
  2. Exactly the same applies to the mistakes of our suppliers. They are only human and humans make mistakes. 
  3. Make sure your address details are correct! If you have supplied us with the wrong address our amigos are not required to send you a new product. And that would be such a shame!
  4. Our liability and/or the amount that you are owed can never be higher than what you paid. That makes sense, right?
  5. Something to do with statutory liability and mandatory provisions. That does not sound like fun, so we hope it will not come to that. 



Article 10.

  1. Do you have a complaint? We are genuinely sorry to hear that. We will do anything to turn that complaint into a compliment. Let us know via info@bamigo.com.
  2. We try to transform complaints into compliments as quickly as possible, within 14 days maximum. If it takes longer we would let you know, of course. That is what amigos are for!


Non-consumer sales

Article 11.

  1. Difficult term, don't you think?  We will explain it for you. When you buy directly from us, it is called a consumer sale. Non-consumer sales occur between two consumers and not through us. For non-consumer sales, some of the points above do not apply (art. 2 par. 2, art. 3 par. 2, art. 5 par. 4, art. 6 par. 1 and art. 8 par. 3). So it's much more convenient and more advantageous to simply order from us.


Other conditions

Article 12.

  1. Should any of these terms and conditions no longer apply, then the other terms and conditions will still remain effective. Our amigos will then have a meeting to find an alternative.
  2. Something to do with the Vienna Sales Convention. Keep Cool! It does not apply to us. 
  3. This entire list of terms and conditions is only subject to Dutch law. 
  4. Simply put: the Court of East Brabant may get involved in a disagreement, unless our amigos think differently. 

Plain and simple, right? Then it is now time to collect your favourite products.


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