Here's why bamboo


Can you believe that a rigid shoot of bamboo can be used to create such wonderfully soft clothing? We couldn’t believe it at first either. It wasn’t until 2001 that the University of Peking discovered how to produce textiles from bamboo fibres. Bamboo has since been gaining popularity with each passing year. All the same, many people remain unaware of the unique properties of bamboo. We’ll give you the run-down.

From shoot to shop

Let’s start at the beginning: bamboo shoots. The first step in the production of bamboo clothing is a fine grind of the shoots. After grinding and processing the bamboo, a new fibre is created which can then be spun into thread. This thread is then ultimately processed into the fabrics used for soft, durable bamboo clothing.

Advantages of bamboo

Bamboo fibres feature a variety of unique properties. The structure of the fibre is smooth and round, which provides an extremely soft feel and natural anti-wrinkle qualities. These fibres also feature micro-pores for excellent breathability and absorption which contribute to long-lasting freshness. Bamboo fibres also feature the capacity to break down bacteria, making bamboo an excellent choice for sensitive skin types.

The main advantages of bamboo clothing:

  • Wonderfully soft
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Good for the skin

Bamboo or cotton?

Bamboo is considered a species of grass, while cotton is produced by a plant. Replantation is required for cotton crops, leading to depleted and infertile soil. This depletion is caused mainly by the insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers used. Cotton cultivation accounts for 20% of the world’s pesticide usage.

By contrast, as a species of grass, bamboo can be cut above the ground. As a result, the soil remains intact allowing the bamboo shoots to continue their (rapid) growth. This preserves the fertility of the soil. If that wasn’t impressive enough, bamboo also absorbs greenhouse gasses and prevents erosion. So, the next time you pull on your favourite bamboo item, you can be confident that bamboo isn’t just great for you, it’s also great for the environment.

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