Bamboo T-Shirts with Short Sleeves for Men

Bamboo T-Shirts with Short Sleeves for Men

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Our bamboo T-shirts are heroes of freshness

Are you sick and tired of those unpleasant sweat stains on your T-shirts? Keep Cool! Bamigo has the solution. Our bamboo T-shirts have the power to absorb up to 70 per cent more moisture than T-shirts made from other textiles. Do you find yourself sweating on stressful and important days? Keep Cool! You can survive these days without any nasty sweat stains on your T-shirt. Another bonus: the T-shirts are super soft and feel like a second skin. These fresh superstars can be worn all year long. Our T-shirts from bamboo are warmer in winter and airier in summer, so they are always the perfect choice! The T-shirts have the following superpowers:

  • Silky smooth 
  • Mega strong
  • Iron-free
  • Smell fresh longer
  • Ventilate better
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fast drying 
  • Super absorbent
  • Eco-friendly

Extra long T-shirts

Don’t you just hate it when your T-shirt doesn't stay tucked into your trousers? Bamigo is here to save the day with extra long T-shirts. All T-shirts by Bamigo are longer than normal T-shirts. This way they stay tucked into your trousers much better. They will also keep their length even after several washes. Bamigo T-shirts are made from bamboo. Bamboo's shrinkage is almost the same as that of cotton. We have of course taken that into account when we make our T-shirts. Get your hands on those lovely bamboo T-shirts by Bamigo! 

Invisible Khaki

T-shirts that don't show through your shirt, is that possible? Keep Cool! Bamigo has T-shirts with a deep V-neck in the shade Invisible Khaki. When you wear this colour T-shirt, it will not be visible underneath your shirt at all. Isn't that brilliant? Order yours now!  

Our range of bamboo T-shirts

Does your upper body deserve those soft bamboo T-shirts? Choose from black, white or khaki and select the neckline you prefer. Do you want a V-neck, a deep V-neck or a round neck? All T-shirts are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. So there is the perfect T-shirt for every man! 

Are short sleeve T-shirts a bit too chilly for you? Then take a look at our bamboo long sleeve T-shirts or our tank tops and singlets. These are available in white and in black and with two different types of neckline: a round neck and a V-neck: 

Looking for more bamboo underwear? Keep Cool! We have boxer shorts, hipsters, briefs and socks in many different colours. You can find them here: