Bamboo polo shirts for men

Bamboo polo shirts for men

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Short-sleeved polo shirts were originally designed by René Lacoste for tennis players. Polos are now available in a range of styles and have become a wardrobe staple in their own right. An item of clothing with an equally casual and athletic look that can be used to dress up a pair of jeans while keeping the nonchalant edge of a T-shirt. It’s a step up from a T-shirt without the formality of a dress shirt. This makes the polo a great compromise without sacrificing style and an essential item in every man’s wardrobe.

Bamboo polos for men

In addition to looking great, comfort plays a key role in the selection of the perfect men’s polo. Fabric choice is therefore essential. The true classic in the field of polo shirts is the piqué knit polo. Piqué is the weaving technique which often leads to fabrics with a harder feel. Our piqué polos, on the other hand, provide added softness with the use of bamboo fibres. This sets them apart from standard cotton polos. We’ve also added extra length to ensure an excellent fit.