Bamboo T-Shirts for Men

Bamboo T-Shirts for Men

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  1. Smith T-shirts Slim Fit Round Neck White (2-pack)
  2. Johnson T-shirts Slim Fit V-neck White (2-pack)
  3. Williams T-shirts Slim Fit Deep V-Neck White (2-pack)
  4. Smith T-shirts Slim Fit Round Neck Black (2-pack)
  5. Johnson T-shirts Slim Fit V-neck Black (2-pack)
  6. Williams T-shirts Slim Fit Deep V-Neck Black (2-pack)
  7. Williams T-shirts Slim Fit Deep V-Neck Khaki (2-pack)
  8. Adams T-shirts Loose fit Round Neck White (2-pack)
  9. Miller T-shirts Loose fit V-neck White (2-pack)
  10. Adams T-shirts Loose fit Round Neck Blue-Grey Melange (2-pack)

Wonderful, soft bamboo T-shirts

Do you want to spend your day in comfort? Bamigo has got the very T-shirts you need. With bamboo T-shirts, sweat stains are a thing of the past. Keep Cool! So you can confidently wear your T-shirt, even in extreme situations. The T-shirts come with short sleeves and with long sleeves. Now you can enjoy these exquisite and soft bamboo T-shirts in summer and winter. T-shirts made from bamboo are warmer in winter and airier in summer and are therefore always the perfect choice! They have the following superpowers:

  • Silky smooth 
  • Iron-free
  • Extra long
  • Smell fresh longer
  • Ventilate better
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fast drying 
  • Super absorbent
  • Eco-friendly

That's not all! T-shirts by Bamigo have a high quality finish. All these advantages make Bamigo underwear the ideal choice! 

Extra long T-shirts

Great news for everyone who hates it when their T-shirts ride up! Bamigo takes care of those unpleasant crawlers. Get our extra long T-shirts and never deal with this problem again. That is because all Bamigo T-shirts are longer than normal T-shirts. From now on your T-shirts will easily stay tucked into your trousers. I can hear you think: do they not shrink after washing? Keep Cool! All Bamigo T-shirts are made from bamboo, which has almost the same shrinkage as cotton. Naturally, we have taken this into account during production. So don't wait any longer. Order these superb T-shirts by Bamigo! 

Away with contours!

Have you been looking for T-shirts that are invisible underneath your shirt? The contours of our T-shirts are completely invisible due to our new invisible khaki colour. Are you looking for a T-shirt that doesn't show when you undo your top button? Bamigo has T-shirts with a deep V-neck, making them completely invisible even with an extra button undone.

Our range of bamboo T-shirts

Naturally, you would love to fill your wardrobe with our fantastic T-shirts! Choose from short and long sleeves, three different colours and necklines and six different sizes:

Our underwear range

Want to know more about our bamboo underwear? Keep Cool! Have a look here: