Bamboo T-shirts for men

Bamboo T-shirts for men

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    Lewis Singlet Slim Fit Round Neck Black (2-pack)

Bamboo T-shirts

Our collection of men’s bamboo T-shirts includes basic T-shirts with short sleeves, T-shirts with long sleeves and T-shirts without sleeves. Available in a range of models and various colours. All T-shirts feature premium quality and are known for their comfort and sustainability.

Soft bamboo T-shirts

All T-shirts are made from bamboo and provide exceptional softness for the most comfortable wear. The slim fit T-shirts close snugly around the contours of the body and feel like a second skin. Perfect as a T-shirt under your dress shirt. The loose fit T-shirts feature a wider model and can be worn casually as a T-shirt or as an undershirt.

Extra long T-shirts

All Bamigo T-shirts are longer than the average shirt so that you don’t struggle with a T-shirt that won’t stay put. Bamboo fabrics experience similar shrinkage to that of cotton. We took this into consideration during production to ensure that your favourite T-shirt retains extra length, even after washing.

Extended freshness

Bamboo textiles absorb more moisture than cotton and wick it away faster. Feel fresh longer while sporting our bamboo T-shirts.