Bamigo Gift Cards

  1. Bamigo Gift Card € 10,-
    Gift Cards Value $ 10,-
  2. Bamigo Gift Card € 25,-
    Gift Cards Value $ 25,-
  3. Bamigo Gift Card € 50,-
    Gift Cards Value $ 50,-
  4. Bamigo Gift Card € 75,-
    Gift Cards Value $ 75,-
  5. Bamigo Gift Card € 100,-
    Gift Cards Value $ 100,-

The best present

We know how difficult it can be to find a great present. It won't get any easier if you don't know your amigo's size. Keep Cool! With the gift cards by Bamigo you can be rest assured that your amigo will get the coolest present.

Our gift cards are valid for a whole year! So your amigo can leisurely browse our online shop and place his order. It gets even better, because the credit on the gift card doesn't have to be spent all at once. It's fine to place multiple orders. When you log in with your personal account it's easy to view the remaining balance of your gift card.

The Bamigo product range

Do you want your amigos to enjoy the most comfortable bamboo underwear by Bamigo? The Bamigo range consists of T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, tank tops, singlets, boxer shorts, briefs and socks.  Because all undergarments by Bamigo are made from bamboo, they have some unique qualities. Our underwear is silky smooth, non-iron and non-sweat. You need never worry again about those nasty sweat stains. What else does a man need?

We have made our Bamigo T-shirts 10cm longer so they will never ride up from your trousers again. You will never have to deal with T-shirts that are too short again! Your amigo will love it for sure! So give him a fantastic Bamigo gift card and share the joy of the benefits of our bamboo underwear!

Unique and Exclusive

The bamboo basics by Bamigo can be exclusively obtained in our webshop. This is done to make our products as convenient and affordable as possible. Keep Cool! Your amigo can order his bamboo basics very easily at

Our Bamigo gift cards

The gift cards are available in 5 credit amounts: 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 euro. Your amigo can choose his own T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, boxer shorts and socks with this gift card. Cut a great figure by giving your amigo a Bamigo gift card. Get one here now: