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Bamigo and Sustainability Part I

Every decision that we make in life has direct and indirect impacts. If you go for Bamigo both of these types of impact will lead to positive results. The direct – naturally - brings you the comfort and the perfect look. But how does your decision to buy Bamigo underwear change the game for the environment in a positive way? You will learn more by reading this blog.

Wear Bamigo

You can watch the grass grow

The first big advantage compared to cotton and wood is the speed at which Bamboo grows. It can grow up to one meter in a day. So you really can watch the grass grow. With this speed it yields 10 times more material with a single m² than cotton could in the same amount of time. And because a bamboo plant keeps growing after being cut, the ecosystem does not have to deal with the problem of cleared woodland.

Bamboo is always “organic”

Bamboo is good for farming not only because of its high productivity. The plant itself produces perfect conditions for environmentally friendly and sustainable farming. Bamboo matches the requirements of organic labels on its own. It is possible to forgo pesticides because the plant can protect itself with so-called Bamboo-Kun. This antibacterial substance keeps fungal infestation away and lowers the risk of pests. Bamboo also produces its own manure. Just let the leaves fall on the ground and there’s no need for manure anymore. Because of Bamboo’s ability to store water very effectively, it is not necessary to water the bamboo. Perfect for saving a lot of water and energy.

Take a deep breath with bamboo

Not only is Bamboo ideal for environmentally friendly farming and highly productive, it is also a real CO2 catcher! Bamboo absorbs up to 30% more CO2 than cotton! So take a breath and make your decision.

Good things come in threes

When you choose Bamigo, you choose a sustainable natural resource, an environmentally friendly production process and a team that cares about the small details. In this blog we wanted to show you what makes Bamboo such a special natural resource. ‘Bamigo and Sustainability Part II’ will tell you more about the environmentally friendly production process, and ‘Bamigo and Sustainability Part III’ will introduce the Bamigo team, which makes a great effort for a more sustainable environment. Stay tuned!


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