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Do You Also Prefer Boxer Shorts With Long Legs?

Boxer shorts with long legs, boxer shorts with short legs, and briefs. Men looking for comfortable underwear have more choice at Bamigo. That is important, since every man has his own personal preference. Do you prefer briefs, underwear with short legs or the model that we sell the most: boxer shorts with long legs?

Most common length in Europe

A few years ago Bamigo started with one type of underwear for men: the boxer shorts with long legs. That was a deliberate choice, since this was the most common length in Europe and still is. From the day the boxer shorts with long legs were introduced, Bamigo has further optimized this model (Paul) for comfort. As a result, the boxer shorts fit your body perfectly.

Looks matter too

The boxer shorts with long legs do not only fit perfectly, they are also extremely soft, precisely because they are made of bamboo fabric. Because of this we are often told that they feel like a second skin. The perfect boxer shorts, however, must offer more than just comfort. Looks matter too. That is why Bamigo underwear is stylish and has a modern design. The long boxer shorts for men are also available in different colours.

More than just boxer shorts with long legs

ZAs mentioned before, Bamigo does not only offer boxer shorts with long legs. Hipsters are boxer shorts with short legs. This model (Mason) is becoming increasingly popular, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. In addition, the briefs are a more traditional model. Having said that, they are making a comeback. Briefs symbolize confidence and they are often worn by athletes.

Choosing between briefs, short and long boxer shorts

No matter which underwear you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your underwear. Sure, it is important that underwear looks stylish, but comfort is the key to start the day well. And that is precisely why bamboo is the best choice. Which model is right for you?