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Dos and Don`ts 2: How to Perfectly Combine Trousers and T-shirts

Now that you know how to choose the perfect pieces for a stylish and casual combination of a T-shirt with a jacket, let's see what you need to do when it comes to trousers. After all, the perfect look cannot be only about the top of your body.

Previously, we’ve seen that multiple combinations of T-shirts and jackets can be successful if you get the basis right. Well, we could say the same about mixing trousers and tops.

Chinos and Jeans

Those are people’s favourite picks when it comes to replacing suit trousers with a more casual option. Jeans fit perfectly on most occasions, and if you’re tired of wearing suit trousers, but want to stay stylish, we recommend some chinos. For the jeans, focus on the items and the fits you look good in. Do not try too much to be different than usual; we’re sure you already have a favourite pair of jeans. Chinos are a bit trickier, and should be fitted, without being too tight: the waist should be just above your hipbone, and you should be able to bend your leg without feeling uncomfortable, and without damaging the fabric.

Colours and layers are key

The main rule, the one you should (almost) never break, is to choose different colours for your T-shirt and your trousers: white chinos with a dark blue or black T-shirt, blue jeans and white or black T-shirt, beige chinos with a white T-shirt and a Jeans shirt, or black jeans with a grey T-shirt for example. Those are four easy combinations, and contrast will make the difference here. In any case, as long as the trousers (jeans or chinos) fit your body well, you can never go wrong with a nice T-shirt. On top of that, choose the proper jacket to complete your outfit, like a jeans jacket with beige chinos or a dark blue blazer over a white T-shirt. We recommend you read our last blog about the perfect jacket/T-shirt combination.

Experiment again and again

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it is very important that you experiment and try different combos to discover what suits YOU best. Pick two random items in your wardrobe, try them together, and repeat the process until you find at least a few good combinations.

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