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No more annoying labels

The thing our amigos value the most is the comfort you experience when you wear our T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts. They promise you the superb comfort of bamboo underwear by Bamigo. During the development of our T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts our amigos had your needs and wishes in mind. Want to know more about what Bamigo's amigos did differently to give you the optimum comfort?


You have just bought a new T-shirt. The first thing you do is get scissors and remove all the labels you can find from your T-shirt. You don't want those to annoy you. Sounds familiar? As an amigo of Bamigo, you always come first and deserve the best. And we wouldn't be Bamigo if we didn't find the solution for you. How did we find it? By sitting around the table with all our amigos and have a good brainstorm.

Our ideas

There is one thing we knew for sure. We could not compromise the comfort of our products by using labels in the underwear. So our amigos went looking for the alternatives, just for you! The first idea was to neatly print in the bamboo underwear to match that lovely softness of the T-shirts. They then tested it. Our amigos weren't quite happy yet: they thought the prints were a bit too rough and they discovered they disappeared after a couple of washes. We had to do it differently! Time to look for another way. After several tests with various materials, our amigos finally found an eco-friendly stretch print that stays on well and is super soft. Perfect!

To prevent the stretch print from showing through the fabric at the back of the T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts, we chose a print with a small and narrow font. The colour of the font was also carefully considered. That's why our amigos chose a light grey shade.


Our message to you

All amigos at Bamigo will do everything they can to make sure you start your day with a big smile! Every morning when you put on a T-shirt or long sleeve T-shirt by Bamigo you will see our nice message to you in your T-shirt. This had to be a message that made you smile. "Keep Cool" emphasises how wonderful Bamigo underwear is because sweat stains are a thing of the past. “Happily made in Turkey” means that all our underwear is made in a factory that adheres to all the rules so our amigos can enjoy good working conditions. The result is something to be proud of, don't you think?


We enjoy working for you

Bamigo wouldn't be Bamigo if we stopped improving our products. Our amigos are never done improving. Your feedback is valued and always taken into account to offer you even more comfort. You can bet that you, our Bamigo amigo, deserve the very best. You deserve bamboo underwear by Bamigo.


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