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The secret behind the finest basic T-shirts for men

Looking your best all starts with a basic T-shirt. While that may sound strange, a basic men’s tee pairs perfectly with a dress shirt, blazer, suit or jumper. Bamigo’s basic men’s shirts are also not nearly as basic as they may first seem. We’re happy to spill the beans on the secret behind the finest shirts to sport under your dress shirt, suit or jumper.

The secret

The secret’s already out actually: bamboo. The unique properties of bamboo lend luxurious softness to the clothing and provide extended freshness. Our undershirts may seem basic, but the feel is anything but ordinary, and we’ve got a lot more in store.

Slim fit

A slim fit model ensures that the shirts hug your body comfortably. Sport a basic men’s T-shirt as an undershirt and the slim fit style will eliminate visible contours caused by bunched fabric. Did you know that our full range of shirts features added length? This keeps your favourite T-shirt tucked in neatly throughout the day. One less problem to deal with!

Loose fit

In addition to closing snugly around your curves, our slim fit T-shirts also offer ample stretch. Added elastin provides ideal freedom of movement. In addition to slim fit options, our collection also includes loose fit T-shirts for men who prefer a slightly more spacious tee.

Basic T-shirts in all types and sizes

Bamigo has an extensive collection of basic T-shirts for men, including a range of models, necklines and colours. Will you go for a black long sleeve V-neck or is a fresh white tee with short sleeves and a round neckline your look of choice? Discover the full selection of basic T-shirts and complete your outfit. A trendy look starts with the finest basic T-shirts for men.