Are you the Amigo/Amiga that Bamigo is looking for?

Bamigo, the premium fashion brand for men’s undergarments made of bamboo. Sounds special right? Well, it is! Our undergarments have unique and specialized properties which allows maximum comfort and style while being environmentally friendly.

Due to its niche design and fabric, Bamigo is growing faster than ever and is looking for new Amigos! We are looking for ambassadors that stand behind our product and want the whole world to know about us. Are you the one that wants to help us achieve our goal? Check out our following job openings:

For all the job openings a native speaker is required.

You up for the job? Send your CV and motivation to

Is your dream job not up there? And you are sure that you are the one Bamigo needs? Keep Cool! If you can convince us, you might be sitting around the table with our amigos very soon!