Bamigo bamboo clothing

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  1. James Socks Black (4 pairs)
  2. James Socks Mint Green Striped (4 pairs)
  3. James Socks Blue (4 pairs)
  4. James Socks Black Design (4 pairs)
  5. James Socks Denim Blue Striped (4 pairs)
  6. James Socks Denim Blue Striped (4 pairs)
  7. James Socks Black (4 pairs)
  8. James Socks Dark Grey (4 pairs)
  9. James Socks Yellow Striped (4 pairs)
  10. James Socks Combi Pack Black-Navy-Dark Grey-Grey (4 pairs)
  11. James Socks Bordeaux Striped (4 pairs)

Bamboo clothing for men

Bamboo clothing for men – it’s what we do and where we shine! Every day is a new day, which is why you put together a new look each morning. It always starts with the basics and Bamigo’s bamboo undergarments form the perfect foundation.

Our everyday undergarments can be combined with every outfit and every style. The softness of the bamboo fibres, the perfect fit and excellent breathability provide unparalleled comfort. Bamboo fabrics are also highly breathable and absorb 70% more moisture than cotton for extensive freshness. Keep your cool, no matter the situation. Experience the difference yourself.

Loungewear is also a must in the modern man’s wardrobe. These items are primarily worn around the house and are specially designed to enhance relaxation. Unwind in your favourite bamboo loungewear – and look great doing it.